Washes of Jeans


Denim is unique for its ability of fading and having different shades after processing. It is available in avariety of shades that is technically known as washes of jeans. Once garment is sewed, it is washed in specific machines for different shades. Leaving the technical aspects, here we are discussing some common and most seen washes in market


 dark jeans Dark Shade: real indigo shade. Deep and less casual as compare to stone washed. Can be dressed up in parties where you don’t want to be looked that casual. Its feel is little harder and famous for night times. More popular in Men’s articles.


Classicjeans Classic: Blue in dark shade. Lays close to dark wash in comparison to stonewashed. Most likely to be crisped, regular and with no special designing, either in washing or sewing.


stonejeans Stone wash: Most typical and characteristic shade of jeans in market. These are light in color and softer in his class. The very first commercial shade of jeans. It is made by running raw jeans with special stones (pumice stone) in machines. It comes out with rubbed seams and edges on garment and for sure with a used look that is the basic idea for this wash


 Distressedjeans Distressed Jeans: A highly worn out look. Holes, grinding, and wrinkles added to those articles to make it look more used. To make it more authentic it usually comes in light shades but you may see it in dark or tinted shades too.


Dirty Wash: Stonewashed with slightly brown shade. In technical it is brown tinted. Giving more vintage look, meant to look a little tattered.
Vintage Jeans: Dirty and worn out. Giving idea as it is being used since ages. Created with adding distress, tagging and tints to garments. Heavily washed in machines and treated specially with chemicals.
 Resinjeans Resin Finish: New technology in jeans fashion. Usually giving rigid crispy feel to jeans. Some time it is also refered  as 3D jeans. Permanent wrinkles and crispy feel is the characteristic feature for resin jeans.



Acid wash: A popular look of 1980’s. Random patches of dark and light shades all over the garment. Teenager’s style that is not much common in mature wearers. Created by using oxidants in high concentration in machines with rages of foam pieces. Some time with printing or LASER technology.




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