Denim Fabric Industry: Global Trade & Leading Players’2010


The global denim fabric industry, like many other sectors, has been negatively affected by the global recession. Faced with rising unemployment and falling household incomes, customers have been spending less on clothing including jeans and other denim apparel. As a result, the demand for denim fabric has fallen. 2009 was an especially dismal year for the industry as the economic crisis reached its peak. Not surprisingly, world denim fabric exports fell in value by an estimated 14% during the year. However, the prospects for denim fabric exporters in 2010 will improve provided world economic growth can be maintained. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the volume of world trade will rebound by 9.5% during the year. One sign of a pick-up in the denim market is a 55.9% jump in the value of US denim fabric imports during January-May 2010 compared with the corresponding period of 2009. Admittedly, growth in volume terms was a more moderate at 17.5%.

But unit values were up by 32.7%. The top denim fabric exporting country in 2009 was China, followed by Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, the USA, India, Japan, Spain and Brazil. Together, these countries accounted for as much as 83% of world denim fabric exports. But almost all of these countries witnessed a decline in their denim fabric exports. The only exception was Pakistan, whose exports rose by a remarkable 54.1%. The top importing country in 2009 was Hong Kong, followed by Tunisia, China, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, the USA, Morocco and Colombia. Companies profiled in this report include: Aarvee Denims and Exports, based in India; Arvind  Mills, also based in India; Black Peony, based in Jiangsu Province, China; Bossa, based in Turkey; Cone Denim, based in the USA; Gap Güneydog’u Tekstil, based in Turkey; Isko, also based in Turkey; Lanyan Group, based in Shandong Province, China; Orta Anadolu based in Turkey; Raymond UCO Denim, a joint venture between Raymond in India and UCO in Belgium; Tavex Corporation, formed with the merger of Brazil-based Santista Têxtil and Spain-based Tavex; Vicunha Têxtil, a large producer in Brazil; and Weiqiao Textile, the largest cotton textile producer in China.

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