Jeans Tie & wash


Tie & Wash also known as crunch wash or creaking pattern or marbling effect is very typical in high fashion articles. The process is very simple but results to marvelous looks. Garment is usually tied with white cotton strips and washed with stones. The exposed portions got faded effects and a pattern of dark to light patches appears on garment. Different patterns can be formed by tying garment in different ways. More beauty is added when the edges made by tying get prominent in form of white lines made by mechanical rubbing offered by washer.dh 5465

Another method used for this effect is when net pockets/bags are used instead of tying. The whole garment is packed tightly in net bag. It should not be fold in proper but a random like filling of one garment to one bag will give appropriate effects. Then it is stone washed in washer for a time ranges form 20 min to 80 min depending on the fabric and pattern required.

Some time it is handy to get garment wet before tying or packing in net pockets. it will make is easy and more effective. Some power press like machines can also be used to compress the garment and making it permanent 3D effects. The garment is unpacked or untied after process and remaining steps of washing are done on lose garment.

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On some garments it may cause damage due to extra treatment on hard edges. So extra care is to be taken while processing. Small batch size can be helpful to avid this problem or shorten the run time.

General Recipe Steps

  • Desizing (Tied Garment)
  • Stoning or/and Enzyming (Tied Garment)
  • Soap Rinsing (Lose Garment)
  • Bleaching (if required)
  • Neutralization (if required)
  • Softener Application

Additional Applications

Tumbler Run

To improve the crunch effect some time it is better to run the tied / packed garments in tumbler dryers for 20 min to 40 min before running in washer. Garment should be wet but not dripping when running in tumbler. Before desizing garment is hard due to starch coating and it will get more rubbing on hard edges to produce crunches.

White Cotton Ribbon

Garment should always be tied with white cotton ribbons. If colored ribbons or denim strips are used for tying then their color may deposit on garment to produce stain. Further the shrinkage factor of cotton also helps the crunch formation and do not let the ties loosen.

Cable Tie Method

In some of the industries, plastic cable tie is used to replace the cotton ribbons. It is much expensive to cotton ribbons but much effective. Due to special construction of cable tie plastic strips it is easy to keep the garment maximum tight. There is no risk of getting it loose during process even it goes hours long. It is specially recommended to Dark Washes where this effect is most difficult to get.

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