Edge Distressing


Edge distressing or grinding is the process of destruction on jeans form edges of the garment. When we look at old jeans we find it destroyed from the edges of pockets, fly area, belt and bottom. This used effect can be created on jeans by grinding and is of key importance in high fashion garments.dhi edge

Grinding is done of garments by pen type of stone tools. It can be done in mid of the wash process. In many workshops it is done before any wash process as first process after stitching. Stone tools similar to grinders used in wood and stone industry are utilized to work on garments with a few amendments to their design.

Pen type tools are very effective for this art work but consistency is always a big question while dealing in production. They are not much effective in large quantity production units. Staff is to be very e
experienced and careful other wise it may damage the garment beyond requirement. To work on edges is very sensitive and any heavy destruction will open the edges and make the garment not to wearable. This aspect needs special care and supervision in industry.

In high production units it is usually done with fixed grinding machines where grinding stone wheals fixed on high speed electrical motors. Operators rub the edges to rotating stone wheal to get the effect. Again the risk of damage to extent where the edges get opened is there and to avoid it strict supervision and skilled staff is of key importance. This method is very time and cost effective and large quantities are always deal in this way.

This is a manual process and even with extreme care and control there is variation in results. Every garment will look unique and different form the others. Keep in mind this variation is not a fault but a beauty of vintage garment.

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