G Star Jeans: Perfect Combination of Style and Versatility


In spring 2007, G Star made its ways into the popular jeans club with some striking differences and quality edges. Their products are designed to be different from regular jeans with mixing match shapes and distressed denim look. In addition, another thing that creates a big difference is price. G Star offers premium quality products that do not come cheap.G Star jeans logo 1

G – Star Jeans

Founded : 1989, Amesterdem Netherlands

Introduced Raw Denim in 1996


Everybody who is fond of fashion will know that G-Star are always contenders for producing quality denim worldwide. An expansive product range and innovative designers go hand in hand with producing some of the best pairs of jeans throughout the fashion industry.
Competition is always everywhere in every industry in all over the world. Many other brands are producing the same style featuring fitted denim due to the competition in tough fashion industry of today. This brings in the element of competitive pricing and quality of garments. With vast experience of changes, G-Star are able to focus on quality of design to drive sales. A key ingredient here is the ability to retain customers trust that they are purchasing the latest look.G star R33 01
When compared it to its rival brands such as Diesel and Replay, G-Star have chosen a more varied store portfolio, happy to be seen in stores with a lower profile and wider audience. An example of this is the recent move to deal with young fashion chain Bank, who has over sixty stores in the UK. Will such moves result in growth or a loss of image and a decline in turnover? Only time will answer this question and will no doubt prove pivotal to the future of the brand.

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