Indonesia Impose Ban On Tight Pants


Aceh which happens to be a pious Islamic province of Indonesia witnessed a ban on selling and wearing of tight pants. Reportedly, the authorities of the province have already delivered 20,000 long skirts replacing the tight pants. All shops selling tight pants have been issued clear instructions which they are to follow under all circumstances.dhi indonasia

In this connection, Ramli Mansur who happens to be the head of the West Aceh district told the media that long skirts have been given to all Muslim women who were taken into custody following the violation of dress code. The Islamic police recently took 18 women under custody as they were spotted wearing jeans as they rode their motorcycles. Ramli Mansur said that the particular rule applies to all women residents of West Aceh who are Muslims. It was declared that the province is trying to set some goals based upon certain moral values. The authorities are of the opinion that this densely populated Muslim state should have some common ground of ethics and moral values which gains ground with the ideals of the religion.

Speaking on the same note, the district head also underlined the fact that any Muslim woman who is a resident of West Aceh caught on more than three

occasions on grounds of dress code violation shall be detained in police custody for two weeks. This is not the very first time when the Islamic law has imposed a ban. Prior to this, they have also imposed similar bans upon drinking, gambling and public kissing. However, in spite of the regulations being enforced, the Indonesians have been up and against the rules which they feel curb their liberty and freedom.

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