Jeans Color Changing Effect


Some time you see in high fashion jeans garments that it change its color in normal light as the viewer angle changes. It is usually seen in ladies or baby girls garments. Some high fashion male articles are also associated with this effect.

Specific finishing chemicals are available in different brands in market. Here we describe the usual application method to this effect. At first, wash jeans to any shade from dark to light shade (as you like form simple desizing to stone wash/Bleach wash) now follow the steps as

  • Mount garment on rubber balloon or spread it on table as you do for PP spray.
  • On dry garment, spray liquid chemical evenly on the garment with spray gun. This is the chemical which gives multi-shades on garment. Usually these are Two-Color liquids mentioned on packing.
  • If necessary use paint brush to smoothen the liquid
  • Dry it in open for 30 min or as per weather conditions.
  • Cure in oven at 140 C for 20 minute.
  • Scrape garment as fashion required.
  • Spray PP solution on scrapped area and let it react to dry in open
  • Neutralize in washer with neutralizer and apply softening agent in next bath.
  • Dry and check.
  • Some time glitters are added before curing process to make it more stylish.

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