Jeans Cuts Understanding


Before buying a pair of jeans, it is important to know what style is right for you to fit best. It’s for occasions and body shapes. While slecting jeans your body type and your comfort zone is also an important factor. It comes in number of cuts and fits giving you a reasonable range for choice. We explain here some most regular and common cuts available in jeans at stores.
Low Rise   Low-Rise Jeans

Stays low at the waist, more loved by slender waist people. More shows waist shape and Great for petite women who have trouble filling out styles with more material



Ultra Low Rise  Ultra Low-Rise Jean


A daring article for women to wear. Fits almost on hips and shows what every one don’t  much like to show. It gives an impractical look and draw more attention of eyes around you. Some may find it comfortable to give hope others as this pair is just going to drop to give a feast to eyes



Mid  riseMid-Rise Jeans


Stays closer to the natural waist. A most common style to wear. Look official and elegant. Preferred by most people as natural is always most common and comfortable option. In this style you will always have maximum choices in color and size.


high rise    High-Rise Jeans



Above the natural waist, at the base of the ribcage. Perfect for very tall, thin people. Giving a last centuries look in your wearing.  (also it keep your tummy warm …..)


bootcut jeans Boot-Cut Jeans



Little flare from bottom just enough to be able to fit over boots without having a lot of excess material. Little slim through waist. More liked by men’s. More comfortable on legs.


Flare jeansFlare Leg Jeans




  Fits like boot-cut jeans with belled shaped bottom that is wider. More suitable for girls and women that gives a flare look to jeans compensating to whom who are missing long skirts.


streight legStraight-Leg Jeans





A fit more relaxed in the hips and thighs with legs that go straight down without tapering or flaring. More suitable for women who do not want to add bulk.



skinny jeans 523Skinny Jeans






Fits on shape on body. Snug hips and legs tightly all the way to the ankles, leaving just enough of an opening for feet to fit through. If you wanna reveal your shapes all under waist that’s for you.





Boyfriend jeans   Boyfriend Jeans



A loose, slouchy fit that is similar to men’s jeans. Made only for women, copying men’s fit. For girls who wanna announce that ‘’  yes, I have ’’

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