Jeans can be worn for 15 months without washing!

It looks like wearing the same pair of denim jeans nearly for 15 months without washing does not pose any health risks.

In an effort to both learn how much bacteria was collected and create his ideal pair of jeans, a University of Alberta student wore a raw denim Nudie jeans 330 times without washing them from September 10, 2009 until December 17, 2010, reports ABC News.osh Le, a Canadian, got the idea to turn his denim into an experiment while attending an introductory to textiles class.

“My professor mentioned that she researches on textiles and bacteria, so it piqued my curiosity there. I half jokingly said we should do a bacterial analysis on them [Le’s jeans] and that’s where it sort of started,” he said.

Although he tried to keep them clean, the jeans sometimes had food spilled on them and used paper towels to dab out the stains.

And whenever the jeans smelled too stinky, he used to stick them in the freezer overnight.

After 15 months and one week, Le asked his professor Rachel McQueen to test the jeans for bacteria before he washed

them for the first time.

After washing, Le wore them for 13 more days, before retesting them again.

The results surprised Le and McQueen. They found that the bacteria count on the freshly washed jeans was similar to the levels found in the pre-washed sample.

“There did not appear to be differences in the bacterial carriage depending on whether the jeans had been worn for 15 months or only 13 days,” read McQueen’s findings.

She also said the bacteria present on the jeans came mostly from Le’s skin and was not harmful.

Le has now purchased another pair of jeans and is taking part in a challenge with a friend to see who can wear their jeans the longest.

A girl’s casual wear friend

By Saumu Mwalimu

The super skinny jeans and leggings are back with a bang, and everywhere you go in Dar es Salaam you are likely to meet a dozen ladies putting them on, weekend or no weekend.

It is a little wonder jeggings have also become a girl’s best friend in recent years. Jeggings are basically skinny jeans that look like leggings. They are also worn like leggings.

They are more of casual wear. One can also have them for parties. But please, never on weddings!

A few rules of thumb:
Make sure jeggings suit your body type. Many people believe jeggings are for skinny women. If you don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t wear them! Remember, dressing up is how you feel and choose a costume that fits with your body. So, whether you are fat or thin, a kid or an adult, jeggings are for you.

Pick a dark pair that will go with everything from a basic tank to a sweater dress. Don’t let it run a little too long.

What to wear jeggings with
Jeggings are actually quite versatile, but because they’re so slim and skin-tight like leggings you can wear them with a long sweater or top-dress, or just throw a long cardigan over. And on shoes you can have them with a high heels or short heel

Students collecting jeans for the homeless


Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center students are collecting jeans to clothe homeless teens as part of the Teens for Jeans campaign.

This marks the third consecutive year the young people at the New Stanton school participated in the annual jeans drive. Students from Mt. Pleasant and Southmoreland participate.

The campaign accepts jeans from all manufacturers to distribute to local homeless shelters to enable teens to have decent clothes to wear. Shelters often have a greater need for larger sizes, but all sizes are accepted and distributed.

The national campaign, sponsored by Aeropostale, collects slightly worn and new jeans.

CWCTC students also collect the jeans at their local high schools for the cause. The students collected 219 pairs of jeans as of Friday. However, they welcome donations through Feb. 9.

The school collected 571 pairs last year, some of which were donated to Haiti disaster victims. The youth set a goal of 500 each year, but always want to exceed the previous year’s numbers.

“We could be a little higher at this point, but hopefully we will surpass last year’s amount,” said CWCTC culinary instructor, Christie Parks.

Parks will deliver the collected apparel to the Aeropostale store in Westmoreland Mall prior to the campaign deadline, Feb. 13

Larry King: ‘Ryan Seacrest sends me jeans’

Wednesday, January 26 2011, 12:44 GMT 

By Lara Martin, US Correspondent
Larry King has revealed that Ryan Seacrest sends him jeans. 

The legendary news host told TBS’s Conan that Seacrest had been supplying him with denim for around seven years after deciding that he did not like the style that King used to wear.

“He was at my house one night and said, ‘How can you wear those jeans?’. I said, ‘What’s wrong with my jeans?'” he said on Monday’s show.

“They’re like $29 jeans, [the type]where you have a lot of room beneath the crotch. They are like overalls… He said, ‘I don’t like them, you have to wear sharp jeans’. Since then, he’s been my jeans supplier. He sends me jeans. They even put the button holes on for suspenders.”

The 76-year-old also told Conan O’Brien that he missed his CNN show when there was a “big news story” breaking, before joking: “Here’s what it’s like. The best way to explain this feeling I have had is mixed emotions… It’s like watching your mother-in-law go over the cliff in your new Bentley.”

King departed the long-running Larry King Live in December after 25 years on the air. His timeslot was later filled by Piers Morgan, who currently hosts Piers Morgan Tonight.