Pajama Jeans: Hot New Trend, or Fashion Disaster?


By Jasmine Bingham/Madison Academic
How many times have you turned on your television and seen a commercial for the Shake Weight, the Cami Secret, the Booty Pop, Bumpits, and the Neckline Slimmer? When I turn on the television I expect to be entertained by a good soap opera, a funny movie, or a cartoon. What are all these inventions for anyways? And now they have a brand new one: Pajama jeans.

On the commercial, Pajama jeans are described as “the styling of your favorite jeans with the comfort of pajamas. Pajama jeans are so comfortable you will want to sleep in them.” Yes, because we all like to look fashionable while we sleep. “Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp.” That makes so much sense! Because there’s absolutely no way you can look sharp in anything else, right? “High contrast top stitching. Back pocket design details. EVEN brass rivets! They look like they were made by some European designer.” OMG! Brass rivets? High contrast stitching? Made to look like they were designed by some no-name European designer? Wow, these sound like…crap. Teenagers don’t think this stuff is hot. I think most of this stuff was made more for middle-aged housewives. When has a teenager ever watched a commercial for the Booty Pop and said, “I think I want a firm, lifted booty. I’m gonna buy the Booty Pop!” Umm…never?How about instead of buying the Shake Weight, you hit the gym and do some good, old-fashioned exercise? Or before you even consider buying that pack of Bumpits, you go to a hair care professional and let them solve the problem for you. Don’t give in to the media madness!Originally published February 2, 2011

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