Rinse Washing Special Instructions


Rinse washing process consists of 2 main operational steps.

  • Pre-Washing
  • Softening

Preparation process before washing:

If the garments contain zippers, zippers must be fastened (zipped up) in oder to prevent damages and holes on the garment itself and on other garments washed in the same tank.

If the garment is a jacket, front sides of the garment must be attached to eachother in order to prevent unexpected shade variations and wash effects on the same garment which may occur during the process.

Garments must be washed inside out in order to prevent fabric or wash origined creasemarks as well as unexpected wash effects on face side of the garment.

PRE WASHINGWomen's Plus Premium Skinny Jeans - Dark Wash

Garments are loaded in the tank and water is added.

pH value of the tank is adjusted to 6-7, desizing enzyme works between these pH values. If the water used is not between these values, then pH may adjested by adding either acid of base.

if it is alkalic, the pH value must be adjusted by addition of Acetic Acid

if it is acidic, pH must be arranged with addition of Sodium Hydroxide,

Temperature of the water in the tank is to be heated up to 60ËšC.

Wetting agent, dispergator and crease preventer is to be according to the fabric type and depth of the colour of the fabric.

Wetting agent  : 0.50 – 1.00 g/lt

Dispergator  : 0.50 – 1.00 g/lt

Crease preventor  : 0.00 – 0.50 g/lt

After adding subsidiary chemicals, desizing enzyme is added to the water bath.

Desizing enzyme(alpha-amilase enzyme)  0.50 – 1.00 g/lt

Garments must be washed in this bath 10-15 minutes depending on the fabric weight and colour depth of the fabric. Time increases as the weight and depth of the color increases.

After washing, water in the tank is discharged.

Water is refilled  into the tank and Garments are washed for 2-5 minutes with adding only dispergator agent.


Water is added to the tank  and the pH of the water is adjusted with addition of acetic acid between pH value 5-6,
depending on the chemical character of the softener. Pls see technical page of the softener used in the washing for the exact pH adjustment.

Water temperature is adjusted to 40 C.

Softening agent is added to the machine depending on the fabric type, chemical character of used softening agent (cationic or non-ionic) and density of the softener.

Silicon softner: is added into the bath if required for the good handle, especially for a more slippery handfeel.

Garments are washed in this bath for 5-10 minutes.

Garments are taken to the centrifugal machine for squeezing and than loaded into the drying machine for drying.

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