Spray application and Hot Press

Some time you see in high fashion jeans garments that it give some shiny and leather like look. It is popular in all for all articles regardless it is for girls or boys, men or for women.

Specific finishing chemicals are available in different brands in market. Here we describe the usual application method to this effect. At first, wash jeans to any shade from dark to light shade (as you like form simple desizing to stone wash/Bleach wash) but the best of this effect is seen on dark washes. So it is recommended to use dark shaded jeans for this application. Now follow the steps as

  • Garments should be de-sized and without finishing, to better fix the resins
  • It is better to add some water repellent treatment to garment to add some value
  • Mount garment on rubber balloon or spread it on table as you do for PP spray
  • Eventually do bio-polish to smooth the surface, dry the garment.
  • On dry garment, spray liquid chemical evenly on the garment with spray gun. This is the chemical which gives shiny shades on garm
    ent. Usually black pigment color is added to this chemical to give more dark effect. But in case of light shade jeans, one may add silver or golden pigment colors for different looks.
  • Spray 50% on good’s weight, e.g. 300ml of solution for a 600g garment.

– Spray one passage (200ml), smoothen with a damp brush, dry at 50-60°C,

– Spray a second passage (100ml) and brush again.

– Press at 120°C for 5 seconds at 40 kg/cm 2.

– Cure at 140°C for 10 minutes.

  • Rinse in water and apply softener.
  • The glossy effect will resist domestic washes at 40°C.

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