Skinny Jeans and Yoga Pants are Dangerous?


There is no denying the fact that guys love yoga pants and skinny jeans. But guys, do you know what you do to us when you do wear them? These pants are crazy. Girls on the other hand, like to have yoga pants because they prefer them over pants; not sure why, but women just don’t like them. The yoga pants battle has been going on for a while.
But here’s the thing; skinny jeans are also the kind of product that can lead to some medical problem, if they are not washed regularly. A dermatologist says. “Bacteria and yeast will rub off on your clothes while you wear them, especially if they’re tight-fitting,” she says. “Many of those bacteria will still be on the clothes the next day—possibly in higher number if they’ve multiplied, which they can do even when the clothes are dry.” Skinny Jeans and Yoga Pants are Dangerous?
Hence, the solution to avoid these dangers is regular washing and cleaning of the clothing. But here’s the question: how often we need to wash them?
Well frankly, it depends on many factors; like, you wear them for work or only for comfort’s sake. This actually calculates how much you sweat when not working out. To prevent yourself from any harm you need to wash them after every two wear and wash your jeans somewhere between “after every wear”. Usually, five wears is enough to give you an excuse to throw your jeans into the washer. So it is almost like that Skinny Jeans and Yoga Pants are Dangerous when not washed.
Make sure that you’re using the right kind of water and washing powder while treating your trousers, if the stuff is sensitive. If you don’t take care, it may lead to harming the stuff or its original colour.

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