Skinny jeans out, bell-bottoms in


Have you ever heard the phrase “history repeats itself?”Well, this statement is very true in more ways than the governmental, economic sense in which this phrase is typically attributed. Unfortunately, fashion trends also repeat themselves.

Spring and summer 2011 will see the surprising, unfortunate comeback of 1970s bell-bottoms jeans, according to the website.  Why in the world is such an unfortunate trend making  a comeback? Well, skinny jeans and tight pants galore have taken over the fashion world. It only makes sense that an opposite trend would come to the forefront of fashion, according to

For as long as I can remember, young women have been exposing themselves as much as school dress code policies will allow, thanks to hip-hop role models such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.  This has been frustrating for teachers, parents and the opposite sex for years and years. Now, the fashion industry wants to reverse this trend. Well, it’s about time, but there are better ways to address the tight-pants fashion trend than reinstating huge pants our parents wore when they were kids. I mean, what’s next—floral print pants?

Bell-bottoms are not flattering on anyone. Petite women will disappear in them. Average to plus-size women will look bigger than they already are due to inflatable pants.  We live in South Dakota, and let’s face it, it’s extremely windy here. We will all be soaring around in our umbrella-shaped pants fueled by the wind blowing them up.

According to, when extremely flared jeans were popular in 2007, it was OK to look “anything but good” while wearing them. However, the 2011 comeback will not apply this standard. Time will tell what 2007 bell-bottom sporters Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow will do with this fashion comeback.

Well, if this bell-bottom comeback wasn’t bad enough when applied to women, this fashion trend is also geared towards men. Fortunately, the 2011 men’s bell-bottoms won’t be nearly as drastically huge as they were in the 70s. Rather, these pants look like the typical boot-cut jeans women wear today. Hopefully this male fashion trend won’t take off because the last person any girl would ever date is a man wearing women’s pants, especially when it conjures images of your dad doing the disco at his high school dance.

On the bright side, skinny jeans will be on the what-not-to-wear list. No more chunky thighs, muffin tops and just plain unappetizing pants anywhere in sight. On the downside, we will be blowing in the wind in our umbrella-shaped,over-sized bell-bottoms.

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