Stained Jeans


5Fashion never ends to any limits. Used and dirty look is most popular theme in jeans fashion industry. To get vintage look sometime it is stained with different pigment colors, dyes or even dark oils. A very artistic touch that is meant to look stains beautiful on indigo background. It is usually added to distressed and torn out jeans that complete vintage theme to more aesthetic. Also it is famous on light color jeans or acid wash background.Its application is not that complicated to need any machine process. It is locally applied with different tools.

Brushing is among most famous methods. Pigment solutions are applied on required areas with the help of brushed to give dark brown stains giving muddy look or green pigment to show grass stains. Sometime malty colors to make a painters jeans.

Dip and drop technique is also used for making color dropping stains. It is specially applied on baby girls jeans for giving it a colorful view.

Stains are also made by spray guns. Spraying different dye colors with keeping gun at low air pressure makes beautiful and natural pattern on jeans.3

While staining jeans it is very important that it should be in accordance with general theme of the garment. A classic jeans will never look fine with stains, rather a used look pair will look more uniform with staining. Staining jeans is an aesthetic touch and must be designed with aesthetic sense.

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