Tacking or Tag Pinning


Tacking or more commonly tag pinning is a very in fashion style in denim garment in these days. In this process the effect is created by swift tag machines with the help of plastic or nylon tag pins in rigid form of garment to get contrast.dhi tag

Usually tag pin machines are used to attach tag pins to garment. The procedure is very simple and proceeds as; garment is folded on required area and tacked through folds. Number of folds can be two to four or five in regular in tacking. These tag guns are not especially designed for heavy folds like we do in tacking so durability of the gun is a consistent problem. Also broken needles of tag gun are issue for both operator and consumer. Automated tacking machines are used more successfully in some units. These machines are bit expensive but are far more efficient and secure than tag guns.

Garment is folded on specified areas and the fold is locked by tag pins. Now the garment is processed in washer and a permanent fold appears after removal of tag pin. This is important that tag pin is removed when the garment is dried completely. The inner of the fold is dark in shade due to less exposure to mechanical rubbing and chemicals. Variation is provided by using different lengths of tag pins varying from 05 mm to 15 mm. This range of length is more commonly used in industry.

Pin holes are some time a problem to this process. Care is to be taken to avoid this. This damage can be prevented by increasing the number of folds in one pin or by selecting the size of pin which is not loses to fold. This problem can never be eliminated but can be minimized to considerable limits.

It is recommended some time to pull off the tag pins before softening process. This help to prevent the pin holes but by doing so garment loses the folding effect after drying and only contrast remains. If folding effect is also required along with shade contrast then pins must remain attached till garment is dried off.dhi tag 2

Area of Application
  This effect can be designed any where on the garment in different styles. Most favorite areas for tacking are on waistband, bottom hems, back pocket and front pocket corners etc.

On front or back sides of garment, tacking can also designed horizontal of vertical patterns on full length panel

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