TEXGRO. (Pvt). Ltd


TEXGRO Private Limited was incorporated in 2008 in Pakistan as company with prime focus towards import of  speciality textile chemicals and exports of special fabrics and work wear.The company is currently headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan.
The company has seen exponential growth in last few years and has grown to become oneof the leading suppliers of textile dyes and chemicals in Pakistan with sales operations and warehousing facilities in Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi. The manufacturing facilities are located in Lahore. TEXGRO exclusively represents the interests of following dye and chemical manufacturers in Pakistan:


Rarochem srl , Italy

Fratelli Ricci, Italy

Bann Quimica, Brazil

Eurodye ctc

head quartered in Belgium has emerged out of a merger of two giant companies Eurodye and Crosfield to offer an enormous range of textile specialty chemicals. Rarochem srl , based in Italy offer products that covers all aspects of textile denim coating process along with the novel garment dyeing systems & the special products for denim garment washing.


was founded more than fifty years ago to manufacture auxiliary agents for textile industry. In the last few years this company expa nded its wide range of products to leather and metallurgical industries including detergents, phyto –
adjuvants for agriculture and recently to ceramic and cosmetic industries without neglecting obviously textile  processing.

Bann Química Ltda

., founded in 19 54, initiated its activities in the area of importation and commercialization of several chemical products for the Brazilian industry. Bann Quimica is the first company in the world to have produced Pre –
reduced Indigo for dyeing denim at their plant in Brazil. Texgro is representing the interests of Bann Quimica in Pakistan

TEXGRO as a group is involved in textile and apparel exports to Europe and US. We have a company registered UK,Texgro UK Limited to serve our European customers.

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