The Stocking-Jean: Fashion’s New Hybrid


Remember when jeggings came out, and no one thought a fashion trend could ever be worse? Well, let us introduce you to one that is exponentially more confusing—and hands-down the most disgusting thing to happen in fashion news in 2014 so far. The stocking-jean.

As the name describes, The stocking-jean has the appearance of denim but fits like a stocking, forever blurring the already-abused line between “pants” and “not pants.” Yes, this is really a thing now … Perhaps originally envisioned in the nightmares of some (soon to be fired) design assistant at J Brand? Maybe.

Recently the world has taken a liking to fashion hybrids, from legging-boots and legging-jeans to denim-printed pajamas and turtleneck bras. According to J Brand, the stocking-jean combines the “softness of hosiery with the texture of denim,” as well as “nylon fill denim and authentic hosiery construction for a fit that forms perfectly to the body.”

Though we admit to harsh skepticism when first hearing about this new look, we acknowledge one seemingly unspoken truth about the stocking-jean: They are infinitely better than the jegging. Unlike the legging-jean, these denim pretenders have real pockets and a non-elastic waistband.Stocking Jean

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