Waistband and Back Yoke: What it Plays in Jeans Fitting


These details are extremely important in the search for jeans that fit, just think of what part of the jeans they create!

The waistband is made of a double layer of denim, it is more rigid, allowing it to hold your tummy much like a girdle. A wider waistband will help even more.

Jeans with waistlines that are cut higher in the back, and lower in the front, are figure-flattering and may help in finding jeans that fit. The most flattering jeans have 1% to 2% lycra or spandex in it. This elasticity allows them to hold everything in place without totally sacrificing comfort.

Now, the back yoke allows designers to play with perceptual illusions that, if used for the right reason, can enhance your look.

Important To Know:

  • Inverted Arc: Gives the illusion of a fuller rear.
  • Straight (Horizontal): This yoke line will make your waist appear wider. I wouldn’t recommend it if you wish to emphasize curves
  • “V” Shape: Most widely used and most flattering back yoke cut, this as universal a solution to jeans that fit that exists.
  • Sweet Heart: This yoke type can truly enhance a small derrière, as the cut is clearly outlining a curvy heart shape. It works very well with stretch tight jeans since it allows the pants to conform to your figure
  • Extra Wide: This cut is used to achieve the “falling pants” look. The illusion is enhanced by the placement of the pockets way below the but. This look is great for some guys, though not very flattering to any woman’s figure. It beats having the pants actually falling, and certainly makes a point: illusions work!
  • No Yoke: Of course, this option exists, and is usually combined with seamed pockets. The garment is contoured by the use of darts. This look is very conservative, and with a proper fit can work very well for women with large rear ends.

The size and shape of the back yoke directly affects the size and placement of the rear pockets, and this, as we know is crucial.

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