Levi’s 501, an iconic Levi’s creatio501n. They can really proud on that. It was firstly introduced in 1800s and since then it had occupied first position among all jeans fits. 501 is a modern history prodigy.

What have made it so special..??? That’s its fit? …its button fly …? Its versatility? … Its cotton …? Or its celebs craze …? Whatever may be (or may it all be), no one can deny its dignity and marvelous achievements. It’s perhaps the most purchased article around the world. It was introduced as a pair of industrial work wear but very soon it converted into a lifestyle article, leaving noticeable foot prints on American history, in fashion, culture and of course its economy.

It has shown an appealing character to everyone around in all decades. It was never out of date since its birth and was always a choice of icons and celebrities. Its fan club includes members from every corner of culture, business. President Obama to George Clooney every one dressed in 501. Not many garments can have this pride of 501 2immortality.

They are continually modernizing its fit with changing time, balancing that it’s vintage and it’s fashionable. It’s a class and its classic. Whenever you wear it, you will feel its class. it will speak loud and clear ….… ITS LEVI’S 501 …..

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