Boyfriend Jeans


A loose, slouchy fit that is similar to men’s jeans. Made only for women, copying men’s fit. For girls who wanna announce that ‘’  yes, I have ’’bf jeans 123

Born in somewhere about 2010 this style got abrupt attention and was well set till ending 2011. Theme line of boyfriend jeans is to look and feel line the jeans a girl might borrow from her boyfriend. They are relaxed in fit and mostly rolled bottom (to give impression that ‘’he’’ is tall and strong ……). Usually men wear straight leg so this style is mostly in straight too. And importantly they should look a bit big and baggy on wearing girl.

Boyfriend jeans are usually available in light and sometime almost white wash, heavily stoned and bleached. But some time in dark and flat shades too. To make some more impact one may wear boyfriend shirts and jackets as well, made and available in same theme.

While wearing boyfriend you must to care that it should be well bigger in size with rolling up bottoms. It is recommended to go one size up at least. By rolling up sleeves it will give more balance.


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