History of Diesel Jeans


Jeans are one of the most common and popular and modern casual wears. We find it being acceptable to the people of all ages, gender, cultures, and societies. If we look back at the history, jeans have some glorious past and advanced with the passage of time and diversified into multiple genres and styles. Here, we’ll explore a little history of “Diesel Jeans”; one of the most popular brand across Europe.

It was started in 20th century (1955) with the birth of Renzo Rosso, establisher of the brand, the man who used to say “We don’t sell clothes, we sell lifestyle.” Young Rosso turned out to be an enterprising boy and in the age of 10 he already established his own business selling rabbits. The name “Diesel” was chosen as an avant-garde symbol of oil crisis of the 70’s and as an international word that could bring jeans brand worldwide success.

1979 the first men’s wear collection appeared under Diesel trademark and in 1981 Diesel clothes was already exported to other countries. The net of importers created by Renzo Rosso greatly contributed to the success of custom. Rosso managed to buy out the deal of partners and thus became the only owner of Genius Group. Now he could concentrate on manufacturing denim. The company logo- Iroquois- becomes an identification sign of those who wanted to look radical and avant-garde

Diesel’s slogan “For successful living”, calls for creation of one’s own church and religious cults, scandalous ads “The End”, “Alpine Village”, “No More Tears” and “Jesus Lives” make the brand more and more popular. In early 2000, Diesel began to work with Karl Lagerfeld creating custom denim clothes for the line “Lagerfeld Gallery”. Jeans by Diesel are manufactured in Italy only. The style of Diesel is genuine and progressive, sometimes even radical. But no compromise on its quality.


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