Jeans for Work or Pleasure?


Jeans are a modern fashion symbol of note but they’ve been around for centuries. The word ‘Jeans’ comes from the French phrase meaning ‘blue of Genoa’, as jeans were sold through the harbor in Genoa as early as the 17th century, particularly for the Genoese Navy who needed the multi-purpose jeans for work on ships. The denim material from which jeans are made is woven from cotton which is crisscrossed in double layers and which makes the material very durable and caused it to quickly become the first choice for heavy duty workers.

Levi Strauss started producing jeans after he discovered that inserting copper pins into the parts of the pants that receive the most strain could stop tearing, which made his jeans particularly useful as work wear. However, it’s the fashion industry that has really popularized jeans throughout the world.

Jeans can be worn loose for comfort or can be body hugging for a night out. Even office workers have started replacing their suits with jeans and cotton shirts as it is increasing more suitable to be casual at work. Fashion designers have tried everything with jeans, adding embroidered flowers, and making shorts, skirts and jackets from denim. Jean manufacturers may be producing jeans for play, but they have not forgotten their working past. Some fashion brands foster the image of jean for work as their selling point, particularly for men’s jeans.

There is no real distinction anymore in jeans for work or pleasure. Obviously, a tight fitting pair of sequined jeans would be unsuitable if worn on a construction site, but in general, a good, solid pair of jeans is multi-purpose. Perhaps owing to their comfort, durability and style, jeans are one brand that has successfully exceeded all barriers of class, nationality and gender.

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