Levi Strauss & Co Mobile Phone


Levi’s famous for cloth’s have announced a new phone called the Levi’s Mobile Phone, it is aimed at young people that have embraced mobile technology, enjoy music and exchange photos and videos whilst on the go. The functional essence of the Levi’s brand’s design philosophy is perfectly captured by the phone’s compact design and sturdy riveted steel casing. A cool detachable chain provides a clever design that allows users to fasten their phone to their jeans or bags. Mobile Technology is at the heart of todays new generation and Levi’s is at the forefront of fashionable Mobile Technology accessories for their line of clothes. The Levi phone is offered in many different colors including metallic silver, black, brown copper and shiny silver and shiny sand editions. It will be available in selected stores throughout Europe as of September 2007.

The company Levi Strauss & Co was founded in 1853 by Mr. Levi Strauss. Strauss developed the very first blue jean in 1873 which made the company grow into a prosperous business. Nowadays Levi’s products are being sold in 110 countries and the one and only Levi’s mobile phone is available in the stores now. Mobile phones are the ultimate accessory in the lives of today’s generation of youngsters. It seemed a logical step for Levi’s to put a mobile phone on the market tailor-made to the desires of the younger consumer. The Levi’s mobile phone has a trendy, cool appearance and puts emphasis on functionality. It’s a promising device; therefore I was delighted to carry this jewel with me for as long as an entire week

Besides the Levi’s mobile phone itself, the square, black box contains the common users guide, a battery charger (in combination with a USB cable), software and a headset. A pouch also comes standard with the device but I didn’t want to hide the cell phone inside it because of i
ts attractive appearance. Also because the pouch seemed all too eager to collect dust. Furthermore a chain with a clip is found in the box that lets you attach the mobile phone to your jeans or bag. I haven’t used it though because I was afraid it would scratch and damage the cell phone. The mobile phone comes in the colours chrome, black, copper and in the feminine “shiny silver” and “shiny sand

The unique design is the first thing that strikes you about this Levi’s mobile phone. The stainless steel housing with ornamental screws gives the phone a solid appearance and a firm feel. The cell phone is extremely compact and thin with dimensions of 3.8 x 2.2 x 0.4 inch making it easy to carry it with you in your trouser pocket. A stylish detail is the engraved Levi Strauss & Co logo that stands out on the back of the cell phone. The microphone and camera lens are both integrated in the black part of the phone’s top side. Levi’s obviously have put time and effort in developing the design to meet the fashion-conscious consumer

.The Levi’s mobile phone is a true trendy accessory that impressed people in my surroundings tremendously. The real power of this handset lies in its design with the steel housing standing out in the first place. The essence of the Levi’s brand is functionality, and that is obvious. The straightforward and efficient interface makes it a practical cell phone and at the same time, the user is not deprived of other functions. Besides calling, you can listen to music, take pictures and exchange files, things that can and may not lack on today’s mobile phones. The Levi’s mobile phone is a recommender for the consumer that not only wants to make calls with their cellular or not even just wants to listen to music but that also want to show off with a durable designer cell phone of a renowned brand. The big disadvantage of this mobile phone was the fact that I had to wrap it up at the end of the week and send it back to the manufacturer.

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