Sand Blasting Jeans


Sand blasting is the process of scrubbing off the garment by blowing high speed air mixed with very fine particles of sand.  This is a very successful and most widely used process for fashion articles. When the surface area of the garment is blasted, white cotton appears beneath the blasted area and the affect appears is very similar to the worn out jeansdhi sand

Sand blast provides a very uniform result which cannot be achieved with its alternates. Its specialty is the merging effect that is blended with such a beauty that it has no difference with natural effect.

This process is cut off now a days due to health hazards. Also the process is very noisy and leaves a large amount of dust in air. This is very much concerned with environmental pollution controlling departments so in many cases it is not allowed in territories. High pressure of air produces a powerful backward thrust to operator so it is always recommended to fix the gun in appropriate stands rather than placing it on shoulders or using it with bare hands.

On some fabrics sand blasting is not successful for it covers the characteristics of fabric. Especially in fabrics which are famous for slub patterns it flattens the look..

Area of Application

Specified areas for sand blasting are front thigh, back seat, back panel near bottom or front panel around knee. Some time full body blasting is also done for giving a unique look to fabric.

Hot spots may be designed for more real look on front knees or back seat by intense blasting in these areas.

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