Why Denim Jeans Were Invented?


Jeans are simply trousers, made up of denim or dungaree cloth. Invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1871, it was designed for miners and cowboys but later since 1950s, it became popular in teenagers. The history of its invention is quite an interesting. In 1853, a young man named Levi Strauss started selling this off this on the West Coast. Later, partnering with Davis and few family members expanded his business operations across the States. In the next twenty years, it became popular in the agricultural as well as industrial community.

Why Jeans Were Invented?

As they say; necessity is the mother of invention. We find the similar case in the invention of jeans trousers. If you look a bit at the history and people’s living patterns in early 1880s, you’ll notice that people were mostly employed in the farming, agriculture and other basic industrial jobs. What they

jeans invented 12needed was a pair of clothing that is reliable, durable, soft, and equally inexpensive. These trousers helped them tackle key issues in an amicable manner and we can see that jeans went popular in a very short span of time.

People loved them because:

  • Jeans were durable; lasted longer than other types of clothing.
  • The styling and stitching options were numerous.
  • Jeans offered versatility.
  • Jeans are super easy to style because they feel worth the investment.
  • They offered a perfect combination of durability and affordability.
  • Jeans also had the ability to hide stains well.

In short, we have to give credit to a range of socio-economic and lifestyle factors that led to the need and later invention of jeans.

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