Why Jeans are So Popular in all Cultures?


The iconic blue denim trousers, which is generally known as jeans can be found all over the world. Since its adoption in 1800s, it has been in demand in a range of colors, cuts, and styles. Hundreds of companies are making jeans ranging in style, stuff and price, and their popularity seems unlikely to wane in the near future though some styles may come in and out of fashion.jeans culture 12

If we look at the history, we come to know that jeans were initially very popular among the lower and working class as these trousers were inexpensive, sturdy, and durable. However, they made their ways into different strums of society and compelled executives like Steve Jobs and Tim Cook to prefer jeans over formal dress-up. Why? What has led to this much popularity of jeans?

From aesthetic perspective; there are two reasons behind jeans popularity. First, they become softer with the passage of time and secondly it looks better as it ages. After the world-war II, denim trousers became a hot selling item in professional American class as they were affordable and used to be taken as a symbol of democratization. Psychologists argue that jeans indicates informality and relaxed behavior which opens up door of inter-person communication. That is why these trousers are popular and acceptable in all cultures.

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Their ability to reflect life, nature of the person, and send an informal message also brought them some life. In short, we can summarize the factors as aesthetic appeal, durability, affordability, and soft stuff that played their role in making jeans a hot selling cake for all times.

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